Amy Jephta
writer | director | producer

sonskyn beperk


sonskyn beperk

feature film screenplay

PRODUCTION COMPANY: west five films

DIRECTOR: maynard kraak

PREMIERE: nu metro cinemas nationwide (s.A.)

PRODUCERS: maynard kraak

Anya du Plessis returns to Philadelphia, South Africa from New York to repair the fractious relationship with her father Marius, and to help with the struggling farm. She finds her father's crutch for dealing with her mother's passing, is an obsession with his beer brewing hobby, he believes is the answer to their financial woes. When leaving New York, Anya is also leaving behind Jacob, her boyfriend and work colleague, and the last thing she expects is to fall for a suave, charming stranger. Ruan is on a mission from his Brewing Company, to identify a new winning beer recipe with which to enter the annual craft beer competition, and comes across Marius' farm and special brew, the only thing standing in his path to craft beer glory, is the feisty daughter of the farmer.

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